Greeting from the Founder

Professor Kim Hyo Soo joined the Seoul National University Pre-Medicine department in 1978, by 1992 he had gained 30 years of experience as life scientist beginning with basic research and has 40 years of experience as a clinical doctor.

Professor Kim is both a clinical doctor and President of the Seoul National University Hospital Biomedical Research Institute. He conducts basic research at the institute and has achieved several original research results by focusing on three areas namely cardiovascular/stem cell/biology. Professor Kim is realizing the dream of “科學立國 – Making Science a strong pillar of the Country” by creating positive outcomes through research application and the results that are derived thereof.

Professor Kim is a pioneer for implementing Cardiovascular Molecular Biology in Korea by attending the Medicine department of UTokyo in Japan for international studies. Moreover, he dove into DNA/Molecular Biology basic research at St. Elizabeth Hospital Cardiovascular Research Center in the USA, which was one of the major DNA/Molecular Biology research centers 18 years ago. Like no one before this time, he was a clinical doctor and biologist who conducted basic research for 4 years. Professor Kim is a strong-willed clinical doctor who applied “translational research”.

By pouring his heart into the areas of cardiovascular/stem cell/biology only, he implemented the original result of his basic research on stem cell Biology called “Magic Cell”, which is a new medical treatment of great potential value for myocardial infarction. In addition, Professor Kim received remarkable results by basing his work on Molecular Biology-DNA treatment for the regeneration of heart muscle. Additionally, excellent results were produced on development of treatment for metabolic diseases/fatty liver and sepsis.

In terms of publications, Professor Kim has a total of over 37,000 papers FWCI in medical journals such as Lancet, Cell Stem Cell, European Heart J, Circulation, Cell Metabolism, J Am College Cardiology, Blood, Cell Research, EMBO J, and others, which have more than 10 Impact Factor scores, and has published 155 theses. His H-Index is at 92.

Professor Kim was acknowledged for his research in 2008; he was the first person to receive an Asan award in Medicine. He also received the Wunsch medical award in 2014 and in 2016, medal of Keun-Jung, which is the presidential medal for those who accomplished great public work in Korea. Professor Kim received the Asan award in Medicine for the first time as a scientist who created excellent results in the field of Medicine.

For medicine based on stem cell Biology/Molecular Biology and application of basic life science technology, he successfully led the “Cell Therapy Center” from 2007 with the aim of developing stem cell medicine for the next decade. He is now leading the “Center of CBT” and is director of the developing unit in the “Development of Biomedicine in Research-based Hospital Business.” He is working tirelessly to activate the biomedical industry by researching basic technologies and their application. With his abundant experience, Professor Kim established a nonprofit foundation called FMI, the Foundation of Medical Innovation, which is under the Ministry of Science and ICT. Through the foundation, Professor Kim hopes to establish a cutting-edge health research environment in the Bio-Health sector in Korea, supporting research-centered business and activation of open innovation that has the motto: 産學硏病 – Study together, suffer together and create together

He hopes nothing but to contribute in creating the driving force of Korea.